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QR Veyre-Monton – Bourg 16

The agricultural angle

Like those in the village at the foot of the cliff, the troglodyte dwellings also had functional and agricultural annexes, reflective of the local economy.
One of the rooms still has traces of Monton’s wine-growing past: barrel supports called stillages are still in place. Another, very deep room, has a ventilation chimney indicating that it functioned as a cellar.
Other cavities were clearly used as stables or cowsheds: rings for tying up animals were cut directly into the rock. Niches are much rarer in agricultural cells than in dwellings.

Image captions

  • One of the cavities, now in the open air, has black traces of soot on its vault, suggesting prolonged use of an intense fire. A pit was dug into the ground and the walls show various features. This could have been a blacksmith’s workshop.

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