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YRONDE ET BURON – « The Counts’ round » historical walk in the village

The town of Yronde et Buron is made up of 5 small villages : Yronde nestled around its 12th century church, the neighbouring la Molière whose name comes from the buhrstones, Buron leaning against the castle’s peak which proudly dominates the whole region, the adjoining les Verdiers and Foncrépon crouching on the way to the Allier river.

The above places seem to have been inhabited or walked across as early as the neolithic time as the cave in Four Labrouque can testify. This location was a strategic observation point as it overlooks the Allier river.

Yronde et Buron can boast about its eventful past. Numerous traces of its past can still be admired and this walk arouses your interest by discovering a part of its gems.

Emblematic sites are the remains of the castle in Buron, the magnificently renovated church in Yronde, and the ruins of the Bouschet Abbey that could be nicknamed the Saint Denis of the Counts of Auvergne and which was dismantled during the French revolution.

The least but not last is the small heritage epitomised with crosses, fountains, washing places, drinking troughs, dovecots. They are invaluable testimonies of social practices, beliefs, know-how and techniques linked to life in the countryside and the vine cultivation.

First of all this tour wishes to be an astonishing walk to discover exceptional prospects on basalt columns, 360-degree landscapes with a view on Auvergne mountains and on the Allier river valley criss-crossed by the railway tracks turned into Green Paths.

Have a wonderful discovery ….

1 The volcano of Buron
2 The church of Buron
3 Saint-Martin church
4 Crosses of la Molière
5 Covered fountain
6 The castle of Buron
7 Prospect
8 The abbey of Bouchet

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