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Heritage discovery trails

The commune of Veyre-Monton arose from the amalgamation of several populated areas that all originated in the Middle Ages or before the year 1000.
Monton, a hilltop village with an imposing Virgin Mary, is an ancient fortified town that still has medieval remains. The cave dwellings, carved out of a cliff of volcanic tuff, are a unique feature.
Veyre, in the valley on the banks of the stream that today shares its name, has always been a passing place on the major road from Paris to Languedoc.
Today, Saint-Alyre is no more than a modest hamlet, although for centuries it was the seat of the parish, extending over Veyre, Soulasse and Monton. There are now only scant remains of the church of Saint-Hilaire and the small Cluniac priory that once stood here.
Soulasse, like many places in the region, is a former wine-growing village. Clinging to the flank of the Puy de Corent, it still tells how important wine-growing was to the history of Limagne des Buttes.
This trail takes you through a variety of landscapes with beautiful views, where you can discover the places at the origin of our commune.

1. The former priory of Saint-Alyre
2. Soulasse bread oven
3. The wine-growing village of Soulasse
4. Veyre and its mills
5. Monton and the Virgin Mary
6. The Enval valley

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