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QR Veyre-Monton – Bourg 3

Rue des Remparts

As its current name suggests, this street runs alongside the western rampart depicted on the Revel Armorial. Houses were gradually built outside this rampart, hence the names Rue des Faubourgs and Impasse du Barry (barry and faubourg both meaning suburb in the Occitan language).
If you follow this street, you will see two towers that have been converted into housing, remnants of the village walls: one not far from the beginning of the street; the other, at the end, the « Tour des Remparts », was acquired by the commune in 1991 and subsequently restored.

Image captions

  • The terrace of the Café du Midi was on the corner of the Rue des Remparts and the Rue des Faubourgs. The tower has since been raised.


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