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QR Veyre-Monton – Bourg 11

Former convent

The Sisters of Charity and Christian Instruction of Nevers, whose mission was to help the sick and destitute and provide a basic education to young girls, settled in Monton in 1707. They were dispersed during the Revolution but later returned due to local demand. The 1821 land register shows that the « Charité de Monton » was located on its present site.
It was not a large convent as there were never more than six nuns. In addition to their living quarters, they had a pharmacy, a classroom and accommodation for a few boarders. Their house also had a chapel which, according to the 1845 episcopal visit, was a room measuring 4m by 7.5m.
The current chapel was built around 1900, and the residential building was rebuilt. The extensions were probably due to the growing importance of the school, which had 80 children attending in 1896.
But in 1904, the Combes law prohibited religious congregations from teaching. From then on, the convent fell into decline and the last nuns left Monton in the 1930s.


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