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QR Vic-le-Comte – Enval 3

Cliff dwellings

Many of the cavities dug into the rock were used for storage or other utilitarian purposes. Others were actual homes, meticulously built and occupied. Cupboards and « light » fixtures were carved into the walls, and some rooms still have benches cut into the rock. Along the curve of the rocky overhangs, the façades opened onto small access paths, winding paths and corridors, similar to today’s sentier des Grottes.
The quality of the enclosed ashlar bay frames and certain interior features, such as the fireplaces with stone jambs and lintels, indicate that the occupants may have enjoyed a certain rank, probably similar to the other villagers.

Image captions

  • Rock-hewn house under a rocky overhang
  • Remains of a chimney cut into the corner of a dwelling

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