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Chapel of the Holy Spirit

The Confrérie du Saint-Esprit, also known as the Confrérie de l’Arche, is one of the oldest charitable institutions, founded around 1180 by Guy de Montpellier with the aim of bringing together lay people to help the poor, the sick and orphans. It expanded the building of hospitals, houses and chapels. Its patron saint was Saint Martha.
The small Chapel of the Holy Spirit in La Sauvetat, which was in a very poor state of repair in the 18th century, has been largely rebuilt. The statue of Saint Martha, which must have stood on the altar, was replaced by a beautifully crafted Virgin and Child.
In the 19th century, the inhabitants of Saint-Amant still made a pilgrimage to Notre-Dame-d’Authezat, stopping off at the chapel in La Sauvetat on the way.
Near the chapel is a small building dating from the early 20th century, which houses the mechanism of the town’s former weigh house.

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