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The large round tower

This 24-metre-high tower is built of even arkose stone up to around two-thirds of its height. Above, the wall, made of irregular limestone rubble, is punctuated by chains of large-scale stonework. The interior elevation features five superimposed rooms, four of which are covered by a dome, and a summit terrace. The external stone staircase leading to the first floor dates back to the 18th century. From the first floor, access to the upper levels is via a spiral staircase built into the wall. On the east side, within the walls, the base of the tower has a door that opens onto the ground floor.
A medieval source suggests that the tower was nearing completion in 1373 and describes it as « more beautiful than all the other towers of all the fortresses of Auvergne ».

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  • The big round tower in the early 20th century

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