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Les Martres de Veyre

The Saladis Springs

The south of the town is demarcated by a meander of the Allier where the vast Ribeyre plain extends. It is in the centre of this ancient alluvial terrace that the Saladis springs emerge. Around thirty other springs, belonging to the same hydromineral basin, are scattered along the banks of the Allier in the towns of Les Martres-de-Veyre, Saint-Maurice and Mirefleurs. These springs all have similar characteristics. Highly mineralised, sometimes ferruginous and highly gaseous, their temperature varies between 10° and 20°.
The Saladis site includes the Grand Saladis basin and the Petit Saladis spring. The therapeutic virtues of their waters, reputed to relieve certain skin ailments, are the reason why so many people visit the springs and why they are so famous, probably since Antiquity.
Around the springs, in the meadow to the east and at the foot of the cliff bordering the Allier, a special ecosystem of halophilous species has developed, which are organisms that have adapted to live in a salty environment. These plants, six of which are protected species, are usually found on the seacoast. Outside coastal areas, two of them can only be found in Auvergne.
The Saladis springs and salt marshes form an area of great ecological interest. It has also been declared a site of Community interest by the EU, protected as part of the Natura 2000 « Val d’Allier – Alagnon » site. It is managed by the Conservatoire d’espaces naturels Auvergne.

  1. The Grand Saladis
  2. The Petit Saladis
  3. The salt march
  4. The Blue Rock Cliff
  5. View of Sainte-Marguerite
Fragile vegetation around the springs, do not trample
Unsupervised waters. Bathing prohibited.
Please respect the site

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